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Protège-matelas hypoallergénique 100 % coton

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Notre protège-matelas avec son tissu 100 % coton est confectionné à l’aide d’un traitement anti-allergique Triple Barrière efficace contre les acariens, les bactéries et les moisissures. Par ailleurs, membrane SmartSeal la rend respirante et imperméable.


Caractéristiques principales :

100% cotton mattress protector made with anti-allergic treatment effective against mites, bacteria and mould.

This mattress protector is waterproof on the upper part thanks to its Smartseal membrane, and completely breathable.

Its 100% cotton jersey fabric is made with an anti-pilling treatment to prevent those little fluff balls from appearing so that it remains better preserved for longer.

It adjusts perfectly to fit mattresses up to 32 centimetres high thanks to its elastic skirt.

This protector covers 5 sides of the mattress, so it is perfect if your bed has a lift-up base since there is no problem with dust getting in from the bottom.


Fabric: 100% anti-pilling cotton with Triple Barrier anti-allergic treatment. Waterproof and breathable Smartseal® membrane. Skirt: 100% polyester.

Instructions d'entretien :

Wash at 60°. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Iron at low temperatures (only upper part). Do not tumble dry.

Description :
Protège-matelas 100 % coton confectionné avec un traitement antiallergique efficace contre les acariens, les bactéries et la moisissure.
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