Sur-matelas de confort en fibre – Anti-allergique

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Notre sur-matelas anti-allergique en fibres est doux et très respirant. Grâce à son système anti-acariens, anti-bactérien et anti-moisissures, il prévient les symptômes d'allergies. Ses sangles ...réglables permettent de le placer sur des matelas d'une hauteur maximale de 32 cm.


Caractéristiques principales :

Its breathable silicone-coated hollow fibre filling has an extra soft touch, multiplying your comfort at rest.

Its anti-allergy, anti-mite, antibacterial and anti-mould system prevents the appearance of the main pathogens that threaten rest.

It is easy to care for, as it is machine washable at medium temperatures. However, to maintain uniform distribution of the filling, we recommend washing it together with several tennis balls. To care for this product properly, it is necessary to let it dry completely before storing it away.

It is very adaptable and highly resilient. In this way, although it takes on the shape of your body, it also returns to its original state as soon as you get up.

When you receive the topper, try to spread it out and fluff it up thoroughly, making sure that the filling is well distributed throughout the product.

Thanks to the flexible and adjustable bands on its corners, you can easily place it on mattresses up to 32 cm high.


Outer fabric: 100% cotton with HealthGuard® PLB finish. Filling: Ecolofil silicone-coated hollow fibre, 1400gr/m². Elastic bands at the corners for a perfect fit.

Instructions d'entretien :

Wash at 40º. Do not bleach. Maximum ironing temperature 110⁰. Can be dry cleaned. Tumble dry at 60º maximum.

Description :
Son garnissage en fibres creuses siliconées et respirantes offre un toucher extra doux, ce qui accroît le confort pendant votre repos.
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