Aloe Vera Comfort Plus Memory Foam topper/mattress cover 5 cm

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Very comfortable topper with Aloe Vera dermoprotective treatment for those seeking anatomical support for their rest with the soothing, regenerating and refreshing properties of Aloe Vera for sensitive skin. Its ...interior is made with a 5 cm memory foam membrane that guarantees perfect adaptation to the morphology of the body, thus reducing pressure points. In addition, its soft double Jacquard fabric is fully breathable and washable.


Main features:

Our topper is made with a Memory Foam membrane, a high-density material that conforms to the body's morphology and facilitates correct posture at bedtime.

It is designed with a dermoprotective Aloe Vera treatment, with natural soothing, regenerating and refreshing properties recommended for people with sensitive and atopic skin.

It is protected with a removable zip cover for better product hygiene.

Thanks to its synthetic fabrics, it is a completely hypoallergenic topper, so it is recommended for people who suffer from allergies. In addition, it provides great comfort to rest.

Our topper is vacuum packed. It is recommended that when opened, it is spread out on a flat surface and allowed to air for 24 to 48 hours so that the material recovers its original shape.

It has an Easy Fit fastening and adjustment system, which allows for a perfect grip on the mattress with 4 elastic straps on the corners.


Exterior fabric: double Jacquard, 100% polyester. Core: memory foam with 5cm Sensor Memory Foam, 30 kg/m3. Rubber bands on the sides for a perfect fit. L-zip closure for easy maintenance.

Care instructions:

Do not wash core. Cover only: Wash at 40º. Do not use bleach. Maximum ironing temperature at 110⁰. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

Very comfortable topper with a dermoprotective Aloe Vera treatment with soothing, refreshing and regenerating properties made with a 5 cm memory foam membrane that guarantees a perfect adaptation to the body’s morphology. It also reduces pressure points during sleep.
Product line:

The fabrics used in Dermoprotection Line products feature Aloe Vera treatments to allow sleepers to benefit from its soothing, regenerating and refreshing properties. Aloe Vera is highly recommended for people with atopic and sensitive skin, so our products designed with this treatment feature unique qualities.

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