Memory foam and fibre topper

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Topper/mattress cover with lower layer of high-density viscose, and upper layer of fibre for a greater sensation of fluffiness. Our topper emerges as an innovative and revolutionary choice by ...combining the properties of two materials: memory foam and fibre. The memory foam provides ergonomics and firmness, and the fibre offers great breathability and a soft cosiness, allowing a unique rest. We recommend that you shake it from time to time so that it retains its volume and shape.


Main features:

The topper has a high-density memory foam core that helps relieve pressure points on the body.

Its double Jacquard microfibre fabric is hypoallergenic and breathable.

Designed to offer maximum comfort by relieving pressure points, bringing great softness and the best feeling of cosiness while you sleep.

Its 4 elasticated straps enable a perfect fit to mattresses up to 32 cm deep, preventing it from shifting with the movement of the body during sleep.

It is soft and enveloping, wrapping your body in comfort. In addition, its firmness has been designed to encourage the spine to be positioned correctly throughout the night.

Upon receiving the product, we recommend that you shake it out and spread it on a flat surface so that its fibre is distributed evenly. You can repeat this from time to time to ensure the topper acquires and maintains the appropriate volume and shape.


Outer fabric on top: double Jacquard polyester. Filling: lower layer of soft memory foam and upper layer of 400 g fibre.

Care instructions:

Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Topper with upper layer of fibre and lower layer of memory foam. Thanks to this combination, unique results are obtained: the high-density memory foam layer provides ergonomic support and firmness, and its fibre offers breathability and soft cosiness.
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